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About Us

About Us

SSA #45

The Special Services authorized hereby include but are not limited to Maintenance and Beautification Activities, Coordinated Marketing and Promotional Activities, Parking and Transit Programs, Area Strategic Planning, Business Retention/Recruitment Initiatives, Building Facade Improvements, Security Services and other Technical Assistance Activities to Promote Community and Economic Development. The Special Services shall be in addition to services provided to and by the City of Chicago generally.

Our Mission

Encourage Stability and Development within the Business District and Community by promoting Business Improvement Programs, Economic Development Initiatives, Safety Programs and a Clean Environment.


  • Advertising & Promotion (Website & Social Media, Special Events, Print Materials),
  • Public Way Maintenance (Sidewalk Cleaning),
  • Public Way Aesthetics (Decorative Banners/Holiday Decorations, Wayfinding/Signage, Public Art, Landscaping),
  • Tenant Retention/Attraction (Site Marketing-Materials, Services, etc.)
  • Facade Improvements (Facade Enhancement Program-Rebates)
  • Safety Programs (Public Way surveillance Cameras/maintenance, Security Services)
  • SSA District Planning (Master Planning)

The SSA #45 Commissioners

  • Chairman
    • Robbie Tina Sanders
      Phalanx Family Services
  • Vice Chairman
    • Reverend Raymond Chin 
      Covenant Faith Church of God
  • SSA #45 Treasurer
    • LaTonya Anderson 
      Program Director CAPs Roseland
  • Secretary
    • June Bethely
      Property Owner
  • Commissioner:
    • Theresa L. Jackson
      Property Owner
  • Commissioner:
    • Jeff Kidd
      Halsted Auto Diagnostics
  • Far South Community 
    Development Corporation 
    Executive Director
    • Abraham D. Lacy 
  • Far South Community 
    Development Corporation 
    SSA Office Assistant
    • Nikiesha Emery
  • Far South Community 
    Development Corporation 
    SSA #45 Program Manager
    • Dorian A Johnson



The general boundaries of the proposed 103rd Street SSA includes both sides of Halsted between north 115th street and south 99th Street; both sides of 103rd between Morgan and Lowe; and along Vincennes between north 115th Street and 111th Street.

103rd Halsted Street SSA will support our efforts to promote investment and development in the community by offering the following programs: Street Cleaning, Maintenance and Beautification, Security, Marketing and Economic Development. These program areas will provide the 34th Ward with a Vibrant and Healthy Business District.

In addition to promoting Investment and Development in the study area, SSA programs will also support the Stability and Growth of the area. Local business owners and stakeholders believe SSA programs such as Debris Removal and Security will help to maintain a Beautiful and Secure Business District that may lead to more Business Sales.

Program Manager

The Program Manager Plans, Executes and Finalizes programs according to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes Acquiring Resources and Coordinating the efforts of Commissioners, Service Provider and Third-party Contractors or consultants in order to Deliver Programs according to plan. The Program Manager will also Define the program’s objectives and Oversee quality control throughout the Special Service Area (SSA) life cycle.


DORIAN A. JOHNSON Program Manager SSA #45
Far South Community Development Corporation
9923 S Halsted St. D 
Chicago, IL 60628
773 800.5510 (c)773 941.4853 (o)
773 941.5252 (f)
Dorian@farsouthcdc.org103rd & Halsted Street Special Service Area #45
Business District & Community Division
9923 S Halsted Street, Suite D. Chicago, IL 60628
Phone 773-941-5853 Fax 773-941-5252