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ssa 45 Team

dorian johnson

SSA45 Director

Robbie Tina Sanders


Latonya Anderson


Jeff Kidd


Dallas Gordon

SSA45 Commissioner

Interested in becoming a commissioner?



SSA Commissioners are nominated by the Mayor and approved by City Council.  It is important to note that the SSA Commission is not an entity and thus must contract with Far South Community Development Corporation to provide day -to-day management functions.  The key responsibility of a SSA Commissioner is to represent the best interests of the SSA taxpayers.  Therefore, SSA Commissioners are to operate independently of the Far South Community Development Corporation.  Businesses owned by SSA Commissioners may not provide goods or services as subcontractor to Service Providers for services in SSA districts.  SSA Commissioners may volunteer for political campaigns but they are prohibited from soliciting funds on behalf of a candidate.  SSA Commissioners may not be a current board member of the Service Provider Agency (SP).  ​
The role of the SSA Commissioner is as follows: ​
  • Recommend annual tax rate, services, budget, and SP. 
  • Communicate SSA vision and mission. 
  • Approve budget modifications or amendments, as needed. 
  • Review and approve SSA Commission meeting agendas and minutes. 
  • Assess the quality of SSA work using work plan deliverables and targets. 
  • Review and approve SSA disbursements over established dollar thresholds. NOTE: SSA Commissioners approve SSA disbursements, but do not sign checks. 
  • Review and approve SSA bank reconciliations as part of the finance review at SSA Commission meetings. 
  • Monitor all SSA expense reports provided by SP. 
  • Review RFP vendor finalists and approve subcontracts. 
  • Review annual SSA audit and financial information prior to submission to City. 
  • Develop a SSA commission recruitment strategy. 
  • Provide feedback to SP Board regarding ​performance of SP in implementing the goals/objectives of the SSA. 
  • Work closely with SP staff to oversee SSA operations. 
  • Ensure the SP conducts an annual needs assessment/survey of SSA tax payers, tenants and district users, and prepares an SSA annual report. 
  • Develop a subcontractor procurement policy with the SP. 
  • Approve SSA Commission by-laws using the City’s template, and amend as needed.  Request current version from City’s SSA contact person. 
  • Disclose conflicts of interest to SSA Commissioners and recuse from any votes that may have real or perceived conflicts of interest. 
  • Ensure that all SSA Commission meetings comply with all applicable laws, including the Illinois Open Meetings Act.
Translation: You Become the VOICE of this Business Corridor in regards to keeping it ATTRACTIVECLEAN & SAFE! Be the VOICE to help instill Programs to bring Businesses in the Boundary! Be the VOICE to keep “those Pennies” in the Community instead of out of the Community!
We’re #45 out of 73 Special Service Areas {SSA} located on the Far South side. Our SSA boundaries are: 97th – 119th & Halsted, 103rd Lowe – 103rd Morgan, 111th Emerald – 111th Green & 119th Halsted – 119th Princeton. You’re receiving this because you’re in this Business District. If you know of others that could be a “catalyst” for change, please share.
Commissioners meet quarterly. Meetings are approximately an hour long depending on the matters at hand however we’re considerate of your time. You’ll receive Meeting minutes, Budgetary notes, Security and Grounds-keeping reports, etc.
Once the documents below are completed, I will submit your application to Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting me.
Thanks & At Your Service,


Program Director SSA #45

For Far South Businesses

We support businesses on Chicago’s far south side in the boundaries of the Halsted corridors. Click here to find out if you’re in the zone!

Team Of Professionals

From our project management to street cleanup, SSA 45’s team is committed to supporting your business. See how we make great partners for our area members.


Get the word out to neighbors and surrounding communities about what you do and how we do it. All businesses in the boundaries are added to our digital directly for free. Learn more.

A few words about us

Special Service Areas, known as Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within contiguous areas. The enhanced services and programs are in addition to those currently provided through the City. Learn More…

Services We Provide

(All are provided free of charge to businesses in the boundary.)

Landscaping and Maintenance

Basic maintenance and landscaping in the public spaces and streetways.

Debris Removal

Keeping the main areas clean and free of trash and debris.


Highly trained professionals who secure the business districts, shopping plazas, and other public areas.

Small business advice

We offer our business owners customized plans for growth and expansion. Click to Learn more.


Helping you get the word out to surrounding customers and helping you grow your business.

Grants for Facade Enhancement

Get funding to make improvements to business’ storefront and help to manage the process. Apply Now!

Frequently asked question

Who we are?
SSA 45 is a program funded by the city of Chicago to help businesses in the corridor improve. SSA 45 primarily helps to defray the cost of doing business by providing security, basic public way maintenance, decor, and minor marketing. It is managed by the Far South Community Development Corp.
Am I in the SSA 45 boundaries?
You can find out if you’re in the boundary by viewing the map here.
What does it cost to participate?
SSA 45 is funded through the property taxes of the businesses within the boundary. There is no application necessary and no additional cost to participate.
When are your meetings?
You can find information about upcoming meetings by visiting our events page. You will also find reports from past meetings so that you will know what we have been working on.
Who do I contact with questions?
We’d love to hear from you! If you have general questions, please email us at SSA45@Farsouthcdc.org. Otherwise, feel free to give us a call at 773.941.4833.





    SSA #45
    c/o Far South Community Dev. Corp.
    9923 S. Halsted St.
    Chicago, IL 60628